hello! welcome to my site :3 i dont know how you found this place but welcome anyway! i made this site because i just love coding even if im not good at it. i do want to learn how to but in my current situation i dont have that much time to do it. but anyhow im ralph or francis (and many more names) and i use they/he pronouns.

ive wanted to create a site for some time because of all the incredibly cool ones that exist here! but with me an my supposed autism i have a very hard time of learning new stuff like coding and coding in it of itself is quite hard, all the numbers and weird letters and not knowing what to do if something goes wrong because it doesn't tell you makes it quite hard but i would like to learn!
also one of the reasons why i've wanted to create a site is to show my interests! i have a wide variaty of them and i just keep on collecting more and more but my current ones are: it's always sunny, community, star trek, doctor who, hannibal, saw (2004), hlvrai, object shows, fnaf, succession, regretevator, parks and rec and probably other stuff that i cant remeber rn TmT


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